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With our speedy turn around, high quality of work and general enthusiasm for what we do Gravity Lab is more than happy to assist you with your required printing project. We keep our printing equipment updated ensuring only the best prints and negotiate competitive prices with our suppliers constantly and because we do it this way we can pass these savings over to you.

We are experienced in the industry and are confident we can add value to your companies marketing while still working within budget.


  • All our digital printing is done in-house with a Roland SP-540i, and because we do it all in house and are a maticulate bunch you can be assured our quality control and lead times are of the highest standard.
  • Our digital printing services include but are not limited to:
    • Vinyl printing and application onto a variety of substrates.
    • Printing of magnets, vehicle, promotional and personal.
    • Sticker and label printing and cutting, decal printing and cutting.
    • Company and event branding, PVC and pull up banners, Signage.

The possibilities are endless here at Gravity Lab. Feel free to get in touch should you have any queries whatsover: make contact 

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