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Gravity Lab (Pty) Ltd uses the best sign-grade materials available and we guarantee our products with a limited warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for (1) year on most exterior signage and (5) years on interior sign products, from date of purchase. Damages caused by vandalism, theft, accidents, acts of God (floods, earthquakes, wind, hail, tornados, etc.), acts of terrorism, improper installations, abuse or misuse are not covered under this warranty/guarantee. Gravity Lab (Pty) Ltd  will not be held liable for the repair or replacement of signage or materials caused by these situations.

Exterior signs, carry a (1) year limited warranty against:
  1. Paint peeling from backgrounds, edges, lettering, framing, supports and all visible surfaces.
  2. Fading colors (some colors are more prone to fade and will be rated at time of purchase)
  3. Vinyl peeling, curling,  or cracking.
  4. Substrate cracking, de-laminating or rotting.
  5. Letters/graphics detaching from surfaces.
  6. Breaking welds on metal framing, structures and supports, when installed properly.


Interior signs, carry a (5) year limited warranty against:
  1. Paint peeling from backgrounds, edges, lettering, framing, supports and all visible surfaces.
  2. Fading colors.
  3. Vinyl peeling, curling,  or cracking.
  4. Letters/graphics detaching from surfaces.
  5. Substrate cracking or de-laminating.
  6. Breaking welds on metal framing, structures and supports when installed properly.


Temporary signs & banners: Cloth, vinyl and flexible face banners are warranted for (60) days against defects in materials and workmanship, Temporary “job-site” signs, political posters, for sale signs or any other light-weight advertisement materials such as Foamboard, Correx Board and Styrene, are considered temporary type materials and are covered for peeling paint or vinyl de-lamination for a maximum of (30) days. Paper, and cardboard signs do not carry any warranty period.


Vehicle lettering and wraps: Including boats, trailers, trucks, cars, motorcycles and all mobile objects are warranted for a limited  7 days. It is the clients responsibility to bring to our attention any concerns with regard to the material or application thereof within those 7 days, we will then replace the vinyl at no charge should the fault be ours. Although most vehicle lettering will outlast the vehicle it is applied to if cared for properly, we will not be liable for damages caused by the use of steam-cleaners, pressure washers, harsh cleaners, chemical treatments and automatic car washes, the use of these cleaning procedures will void your warranty. An adhesion test will be made on any remaining lettering to confirm if it was damaged by improper use or if it was a fault of the material or our fault in the installation/application process.


Magnetic signs: We warrant flexible magnetic signs for a period of (60) days. The use of flexible magnetic signs on your vehicles should be limited to no more than (2) weeks at a time. You should remove the signs weekly, wash the vehicle and the back of the sign, dry well and re-install. A good coat of automotive wax should be applied to the back of the magnetic sign and to the area of the vehicle where you place the sign. If road grime and dirt gets between the magnetic material and the surface of your vehicle it WILL DAMAGE the paint on your vehicle. We will in no way be held responsible for the misuse of magnetic signs. You CANNOT fold the flexible magnetic material, it must be stored on a flat smooth surface when not in use on your vehicle.


Signage installed by customers or their hired contractors: Under our warranty policy we will not cover the cost of the removal and/or re-installation of signs. If you (the customer) needs repair or replacement of the sign and it is under warranty, you are responsible for getting the sign delivered to us. We will not be held liable for damages caused by improper installations or carelessness of the installers. All holes drilled, nails, screws, bolts and fasteners used in installations must be thoroughly sealed to prevent water damage. Edges or surfaces of sign panels, letters or other elements of the sign that may get damaged in rough handling or paint chipped should be touched up and sealed immediately by the person responsible for the installation to prevent deterioration of the sign. Any and all damage or material failure caused by you or your installers voids your warranty. We can provide instructions to your installer for the best and safest way to install your sign, but in no way will we be responsible for their failure to follow directions. No matter when the problem was first noticed, you are responsible for being prompt in returning the item for repair before the warranty period runs out, sorry, no exceptions.